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November 13, 2018

10 Q's with Cassy Vantriet of Woash Wellness

Image by: Allison Kuhl

Name: Cassy Vantriet
Work Title: Founder, Woash Wellness
Hometown City: White Rock 

Q. What is your morning go-to drink? 
A. Tea! A vanilla black tea with steamed nut milk.

Q. If you were on a jet plane right now, where would you be headed? 
A. Bali.

Q. Tell us one thing that not everyone may know about you...
A. I am brutally honest, probably a little too honest at times.

Q. Tell us your three favourite things about Founding Woash Wellness.
1. The fact that I am a Founder of a company, I made my dream a reality!

2. Looking back on the process of building it and how much Woash has already changed and grown from 8 months ago.

3. Outsourcing! The moment I made the decision to outsource specific tasks that I dreaded doing or weren’t very good at was like a building lifting off of my shoulders. The amazing people I outsourced to, seeing how passionate they were about their work and seeing them bring my vision to life was inspiring!

Q. We love teas (especially your digest tea)! What was the inspiration that sparked the creation of Woash Wellness? 
A: The inspiration behind Woash first came when my boyfriend and I (now husband) were standing in a tea plantation in Indonesia about 6 years ago learning all about the history and benefits from tea. I played with the idea for all of two minutes thinking how cool it would be to create tea blends and own a tea company, but standing in the hills of Indonesia starring at a plant made it seem impossible to somehow get these leaves back to Canada and made into a decently tasting cup of tea pretty much seemed ridiculous. Fast forward to our recent travels to Central and South America, I was on a mission to get inspired and figure out what type of company I wanted to start, meeting a man during our homestay from the United States who was down there visiting coffee plantations to source coffee beans for his coffee and chocolate company back in the US, I thought if he can do it why can’t I? I then began the research phase of what type of concept and brand I wanted my tea company to be and stand for. Partner my longtime obsession with tea (since I was 12) with my health and fitness lifestyle and my determination to be an entrepreneur and Woash has finally become a reality. 

Q. What kind of tips and/or advice can you offer to someone wanting to launch a business of their own?
A. The best thing I heard when I was in the building phase of Woash was “There is enough business for everyone to succeed” this hit home for me because I was heading into quite a saturated market, tea there are like a million tea brands! The key is knowing your “why” which will bleed into what makes you different than your competitor. 

Second thing is to get out there and find yourself some like-minded people, build a supportive community (I am still working on this) networking is QUEEN, use your connections like they are your life-line to success! 

If you are in the “I want to start a company but have no idea what on earth my company would be” phase (I was there for probably 7 years). My advice to you is to try a bunch of things, go learn anything and everything, test things out, find out what you like to do and don’t in a day, task or job. Start to narrow down your must have’s and your no way’s and then just give something a go see what happens. Don’t always look at the big end picture that little blog or jewelry company may turn into something huge!

Q. If you could offer one piece of advice to high school Cassandra, what would you say?
A. O boy, haha! I would tell high school students to do things at their own pace and when they are ready. You are only going to be fully determined and absorb everything it offers if you are fully willing and want to be there.  Take me a C average student in high school who disliked school, studying, reading and everything about it. I was pressured into going to college after high school, enrolled into a miss-match of classes and failed 3 / 4 of the classes because I didn’t want to be there. Fast forward 5 years, multiple backpacking trips around the world, moved cities and too many good times and I was finally ready to hit the books. Obviously had to upgrade a few courses to meet the pre-requisites (due to my non-engagement in high school) and I was accepted into the Business school and moved on to graduate with my Business Management Diploma. 

Q. What is your all-time favourite quote?
A. I feel like they always change for me depending on what stage in my life I’m in. I actually got given this quote yesterday and it resonates with me deeply. 

“You don’t always have to know what your next move will be. Sometimes taking a step back and letting things be what they will is the best way to get the clarity you’re looking for. Know that your answers will come when your mind is clear. And heart is open. Honour your healing, acknowledge your personal growth. And respect the shifts.” 

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