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May 16, 2017

Rain or Shine with Blenz!

I recently partnered with Blenz Coffee which launched two new drinks today! The first is the Shaken Raspberry Iced Coffee and the second is the Raspberry Cinnamon Hot Chocolate.

It's the perfect duo for this rain or shine Vancouver weather that can't seem to make its mind up.

On those middle of May rainy days (because that's completely normal...) enjoy the Raspberry Cinnamon Hot Chocolate! Hot chocolate during the month of May is exactly what you need to help make this indecisive weather enjoyable. This drink is made with Blenz signature hot chocolate (can be made with dark, milk or white chocolate) real raspberries and topped with cinnamon.

When the sun decides to make an appearance be sure to grab the Shaken Raspberry Iced Coffee made with organic agave, real raspberries and infused with espresso! It will definitely bring a smile to your face and make you think of summer and endless sunshine. 

I grabbed both of my drinks from the Blenz in New West. Be sure to find your local Blenz and get your hands on both of these drink, which has no artificial sweeteners or ingredients and is made without flavoured syrups!


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