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May 09, 2017

Ashley's Picks - My Favourite Products

I wanted to share two of my favourite products that I've been using on a regular basis for the past couple of months now.
I've incorporated both into my regular nighttime routine and have become a really big fan of the Peppermint Halo from Saje Wellness and the Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum by Plume Cosmetics sold at Nordstrom.

Peppermint Halo
The perfect headache remedy, I swear! It is such a refreshing and soothing way to get rid of a headache. I also love peppermint, which is probably another reason why I'm obsessed with this little guy. I'm prone to getting headaches before going to bed and usually wake up with one. I also have to wear a night guard while I sleep (I know, super sexy) because I grind my teeth, which has also contributed to my headaches. I love using the halo just before bed. I find it extremely soothing and a relaxing way to fall asleep. It also helps with zapping my headaches away. It really has become a little lifesaver. 

Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum - Plume Cosmetics
Funny enough, my sister and I were introduced to this product as a woman who was running the Plume Cosmetics stand at Nordstrom quickly sold us on her sales pitch. We were hooked, I mean who doesn't want long luscious lashes (with no fuss or hassle)? We certainly did, which is why we've been using the product ever since. This product is a 100% natural lash and brow enhancement serum. Like the halo, I apply this serum before I go to bed to both my top and bottom eyelashes (after washing my face). I also like to apply the serum to my eyebrows to create a thicker brow. 

I'd love to know if any of you are using these products as well and what you think of them! Let me know in the comments section or comment on this photo on my instagram ( 

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