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September 09, 2016

don't worry, be happy

I recently experienced a loss in our family. My sweet, funny and oh so witty Grandma (G-Ma as I liked to call her) passed away.

She lived to be 85 years old. Here’s the thing about death. No one ever really prepares you for it. The initial shock is unimaginable, but after that, there are waves of emotions that hit you like an aftershock of an earthquake. And again… no one can prepare you for this swirl of emotions.

Some days I’m fine and others I feel extremely down almost as if my body has been switched to airplane mode. I want to be by myself and left alone. On the flip side of that, I can find myself to be feeling ok, cracking the odd smile and laughing at the odd joke. To be honest…Sometimes I feel guilty for this. How long should one mourn for? When is it ok to try and get your life back on track? If anyone holds the answers, please share.

My grandma was one of my favourite people. Sitting and having a cup of chaa (Indian tea) was one
of my favourite things to do with her. We could just sit and talk for hours and laugh at the silliest things. She was such a funny lady and I will forever miss her jokes, the sound of her laughter and to see her smile.

My Grandpa passed away when I was a little girl. He was always heard saying "Don't worry, be happy" (hence the title of this post). I feel better in knowing that they're both reunited with one another and watching down over us.

As life only gets busier and we all get older, don’t forget about the small things in life that actually matter. Spend time with your family. Pick up the phone and call a loved one and make time for one another. Most importantly, make time for your grandparents because there is no love like a grandparents love. 

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First image: Ashley Shariece
Second image: Briana Cirillo


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