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August 14, 2016


Name: Briana Cirillo
Work Title: Account Manager for Teldon Marketing, Creator of The Blissful Blog
Hometown City: Vancouver, BC

The Blissful Blog: The Blissful Blog is my personal creative outlet, where I can share everything that brings me inner bliss! The blog is simply my photo journal, where I can share my passion for travel, beauty, fashion, and anything else that may cross my path. Here I choose to share my love for photographs and document my journey through this blissful life!

Q. Are you a Chai or Coffee kind of chick and why?
A. Coffee hands down! My days can get pretty crazy and with many late nights throughout the week coffee is my number one to get me started in the morning.

Q. If you could pack your bags right now… where would you be headed?
A. The Amalfi Coast - I left my heart there. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, I urge everyone to add it to their bucket list.

Q. If you had to describe yourself in a Tweet what would you say?
A. A blonde haired megaphone trying to live a blissful life!

Q. What does a day in the life of Briana Cirillo look like?
A. My days never look the same. I wake up, check my emails and social media channels. Once I've done that I get ready for my day and head to work. My work day is usually filled with answering emails, connecting with customers and following up on their accounts - the day can be filled with different tasks. Once I'm home I will try to fit in a workout or blogging. I tend to blog and create content on weekends and after work. I have been making a conscious effort to unplug about an hour or so before bed - I try to invest myself in a good book instead of filling my nights with screen time.

Q. What are the top three things that you would LOVE to check off your bucket list?
1. Move abroad for a few months or a year, I've always wanted to immerse myself in a new location and culture. I love to travel and value what I learn each time I visit a new place
2. Watch a meteor shower

3. Go on a vacation with my WHOLE family, there are a lot of us so getting us all in one room is difficult

Q. Who do you admire most in your life? 
A. My mother - she is unbelievably strong and can do anything. Even when she's sad or stressed, she puts everyone first and is able to juggle her career and family life.

Q. What was your inspiration behind creating The Blissful Blog?
A. I wanted to create a place where I could share the things in my life that truly make me happy. I've done a bit of traveling and craved an outlet where I could share my adventures with my family and friends - so they could follow along. I felt like I needed an outlet to show my creativity and connect with those around me. I truly try to lead a happy life and feel it is important to push to lead a lifestyle I want for myself - a blissful life. I am excited to continue to share my passions and see my blog grow.

Q. If your life was enhanced by an Instagram filter, what would it be?
A. VSCO HB1 - it's my favourite!

Q. Instagram or Snapchat and why?
A. Instagram - I truly value the stories that can be told through a good photo

Q. Where would you want to travel to next in the world?
A. Croatia, I day dream about seeing the coast on the daily


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