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August 05, 2016


Name: Bria Lear
Hometown CityPrince George, BC (born & raised) but call Vancouver, BC home

Digital Darlings: Digital Darlings provides insightful coaching that uncovers your authenticity and inspires action, and step by step training that delivers the foundational knowledge and reusable techniques you need to level up. Designed for creative women who are ready for more fulfillment in their careers, Digital Darlings' brand mentorship programs and Photoshop classes ensure you move towards your big vision with focus, clarity, and confidence.

Q. Are you a Chai or Coffee kind of chick and why?
A. Can I say BOTH?! I love the spice and sweetness of chai - it's the perfect rainy day curl-up-with-a-book drink. I was always a tea with milk girl growing up, but over the last few years, I've never met a latte I didn't like. That said, I'm super affected by caffeine so anything past 11am better be decaf or I'll be up all night with a racing mind.

Q. If you were on a jet plane right now, where would you be headed? 
A. BALI. Hands-down my favourite place on earth. The surfing, the wildlife, the food, the climate, the customs, and the people make it such a beautiful, exciting, and fun place to be. (But I'd basically say YES to a plane destined for any tropical island.)

Q. If a genie could grant you three wishes, what would they be? 
1. A wand to magically clean the house
2. Rid me of anxiety and analysis paralysis forever
3. Teleportation powers

Q. Tell us something that not everyone may know about you. 
A. I'm a great cook and baker! My closest friends will vouch for me on this. I really love to experiment with recipes and ingredients in the kitchen, and it's one of the only activities that puts me into a meditative state.

Q. If you won the lottery at this very moment, what would your next move be?
A. Buying a winter vacation home for my boyfriend and I in a tropical destination... and likely bringing my family to live there with me! Though I'd also love to hire some super talented people to take care of some of my upcoming business needs.

Q. Tell us about your Aha moment that helped spark the creation of Digital Darlings.
A. Digital Darlings was a little inkling in the back of my mind while I was still running/creating my old digital lifestyle publication, Framework Magazine. I was constantly interviewing female entrepreneurs as well as mentoring interns and contributors, and I recognized a need and desire among that creative community for more connection, inspiration, and training. Teaching Photoshop through my 2-day workshop, PsBootcamp, was the first phase of this, and I'm thrilled that it's been able to help so many women up-level their skills. Now I'm looking forward to start testing the personal branding & brand positioning program I've been developing!

Q. If you could tell something to high school Bria about grown up Bria now, what would you say?

A. You are taking risks and living on your own terms. You finally live by the beach. Everything is and will be okay. You are loved.

Q. What is one moment in your life that you're most proud of?
I can think of a few things to do with career / work, but something more personal that comes to mind is giving a great speech as maid of honour for my sister's wedding.

Q. What is your all time favourite inspirational quote?
A. Maybe I'm just a promiscuous quote lover because I don't have one all-time favourite. It really changes depending on what I'm going through or experiencing at any given time of my life. The quote I love for anyone (myself included) who is at a turning point afraid of taking a leap for fear of judgement is, "The only person you have to justify your decision to is yourself." 
The words that are really resonating with me right now are from Stephen Cope's book, The Great Work of Your Life: "If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." 

Q. If you had to eat one meal consistently for the next week what would it be? 
A. Well, right now I'm on a pretty strict food plan to help re-balance my physical health, so I'm not allowed to eat or drink most of the things I really love. That said, If I could eat it, I'd probably choose my chicken & veggie enchilada recipe! I'm pretty obsessed with Mexican and southwest flavours, and anything you can eat with guacamole gets my vote!

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