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March 25, 2019

Tea Time with Woash Wellness

I was introduced to Woash Wellness when I met the company’s founder at a local talks event a few months back. I was so intrigued with Cassy’s story and how her company came to be that after the event, I made my way to the back of the room to introduce myself. 


February 10, 2019

December 09, 2018

An Interview with Andrea Ng Founder of Glo Media

Photographer: This Is It studios (@thisisitstudios)

Name: Andrea Ng
Work Title: Founder, Glo Media 
Hometown City: Richmond, B.C


November 13, 2018

10 Q's with Cassy Vantriet of Woash Wellness

Image by: Allison Kuhl

Name: Cassy Vantriet
Work Title: Founder, Woash Wellness
Hometown City: White Rock 

October 14, 2018

I’m A Day Dreamer

Now more so than ever I find my mind swirling with a ton of ideas and new things that I would like to try. 

September 05, 2018

Life After the Wedding

If you've followed along with me before, you would have noticed that I took a bit of a hiatus and I feel terrible about it. I had a great excuse though. I was planning my wedding!


December 07, 2017

Hair Care with MONAT

Hair. It’s everywhere on our body and when it comes to the hair on your head, you always want to make sure you’re taking the best care of it.


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